Getting used to things.

The nursing home I’m at has 50 residents. High and low care. I got high care which means you have to do quite a lot for them. I got buddied up with another pc to learn the routine. I had trouble keeping up and was amazed at the extent of her duties and her calm face through it all.

Personal care is quite a dirty business. Lots of pooey nappies and interesting smelling bodies to deal with. I haven’t had to clean anyone up like this yet but I know my time’s coming. Just hoping that I develop a cast iron stomach before then. Three days down the track now I’m getting a bit more used to it. So there’s hope.

This weekend I’ve done twenty hours so I’m a quarter of the way there for my time sheet. I’ve learnt so much in such a short time and have the sorest feet. i have a completely  different way of looking at the elderly. This job is a real eye opener in both the humanageing process and the importance of the work that the personal carer provides. It’s tiring but I enjoy going to work because I know the work I’m doing makes a little bit of difference.


100 hours placement!!

So here I am at the beginning of my journey. I’ve signed up to do a certificate three in aged care. The theory has been good. I have really enjoyed getting my brain ticking again. Now, the placement hours.

Armed with little more than a months worth of theory, a pair of comfy shoes and my lunch; I entered the ward. Within the first hour on the floor, my true learning began.

This is my story of going from a stay at home mum, ten years not working to being a personal carer. One hundred hours to go 😊